Current status

Some systems are experiencing degraded performance
Server - Box 1
Live Feeds - Police, Fire & EMS
Alerts - EMS
Degraded Performance
Alerts - Fire
Degraded Performance

Past incidents

Recent Storm

A recent storm that passed through the area seems to have fried something in Box 1, I do not know when i will have everything up and running again.

New Tones

The alerts should be working now, I see they are posing to the website and facebook, I will keep monitoring them however.

Power outage

Power was restored at about 11:00 AM however Box 1 need to be booted. Everything should be working as intended now.

Power outage

There is currently a power outage affecting every service. Idaho power has an estimated restore time of 10:30 AM

Live Feeds - Broadcasting Issues

I've updated the server and all should be working normal now!